Saraswati Strips Pvt. Ltd manufactures utensils from finest quality aluminum, are subjected to stringent process controls at all stages of production for absolute hygienic performance rendering them completely safe for cooking and storage purposes and save fuel due to their high thermal conductivity (4.5 times that of mild steel). We manufacture pure aluminum products of the brand TIGER WHITE for industrial, commercial and domestic use and try our best to make our dear moms, chefs and caterers happy.

Let's make cooking a pleasure. Happy cooking!


Aluminium is the best metal next to Gold or Platinum for cooking utensils,it is even better than silver.

- British Medical Journal

Customising Products For Our Clients

There are certain products that have been developed especially to suit the need and requirements of our clients. We have aligned our ideas with the changing times and evolved oursleves into newer market demands. Know More about our customized products.


Our products comes with high-quality finishing.

Frosted Sunray

Frosting is achieved by scalping the top oxidised layer of the metal wares to bring out the shiny inside of the vessels to impart a uniform luster. It is achieved View More


It is the most basic but natural finish given to aluminium wares. The finish involves washing of aluminium in mild acids only to clean the greases and dirt View More


Mathaar is traditional finish when it comes to aluminium wares. It gives aluminium wares a very rich and authentic appearance. It is achieved by hammering dots on the View More

Surti Mathaar

In Surti Mathaar, the edges of the vessel are given a design while in Gulti Mathaar there are no gaps between the dots. Gulti Mathaar is considered to be best type of the View More


Anodising is the process of imparting luster to the metal and also providing a secure layer to prevent decolorisation. It involves hot dipping of wares into acids and then View More


As the name suggests, Mirror Finishing imparts a mirror like look to the metal. It invloves grinding and polishing of wares at very high speeds to remove the slightest of View More

Why Us

  • Manufacturer Since 1976
  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No Compromise on Quality
  • Understanding of Customers? Requirements

Our Vision

We have derived our vision with a passion to promote a culture of constant innovation, quality and integrity and to add value to the customers we serve.

Our Mission

To become the most successful manufacturer in utensil industry by providing best customer experience.


Saraswati Strips Pvt. Ltd. is backed by its qualified and experienced management has diversified into manufacturing various metal ware products over a period of four decades.

Our Moto

We treat our clients and customers the way we would want to be treated.

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