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"God created Man in his own image"

But he left for the imagination of a man to invent a variety of novel articles. Man cannot survive without kitchen which may be called laboratory of life. We at "SARASWATI STRIPS PVT. LTD." have in our own way tried to contribute in making kitchen as safe & useful as possible. Established in 1976 the company has created a mark of its own in the field of manufacturing of the high grade aluminum utensils. Our industry is facilitated with fabrication plants, ultramodern rolling mills, sophisticated german double action power presses and hydraulic presses.

Saraswati Strips Pvt. Ltd manufactures utensils from finest quality aluminum, are subjected to stringent process controls at all stages of production for absolute hygienic performance rendering them completely safe for cooking and storage purposes. We manufacture pure aluminum products of the brand “TIGER WHITE” for industrial, commercial and domestic use. Our brand “TIGER WHITE” has created a niche in the market of utensils and is benchmark for all existing competitors. If we have succeeded in our endeavor, it is because we have maintained exemplary quality through use of art, technology and innovation

We have logistics channels for storage and timely delivery of products all across the globe. Having served in different markets all over INDIA, we have gained popularity by our standards and efficiency. We have been flooded with demands from abroad. Our main markets in abroad are Canada ,UK, Gulf, Middle East Countries, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh to name a few.

The process right from the entry of raw material to the dispatch of final product is undertaken at our premises. We have our own tool room and die making workshop with the ability to make almost any kind of die in-house. Thereby the development period of new product is shorter. With an eye for satisfying every need of the customers, our range of aluminium utensils are extremely innovative in their designs. The implementation of key principles of lean manufacturing such as JIT, elimination of waste, continuous quality improvement and built in quality has made quality control much easier. We have a much more versatile manufacturing environment and a wider product range at lower costs and better quality. When it comes to our products, we know only one way to make them – with exemplary quality


Saraswati Strips Pvt. Ltd. is backed by its qualified and experienced management has diversified into manufacturing various metal ware products over a period of four decades. The company is treasured for its quality products and timely delivery but all this possible because of our efficient quality professionals. Our staff works takes pride in providing our clients, the utmost satisfaction. S.S.P.L team comprises production managers and supervisors, quality inspectors, skilled and semi-skilled labors, and transport staff. The strengths of our working comprise team work, versatility, and customization.

The group as a whole has integrated all processed under one that is own melting, casting and rolling. Handful of people can actually make this claim. For our customer this means that we have much more versatile manufacturing environment and a wider product range at lower costs and impeccable quality.

Our integrated systems also allow us to offer customers the choice of getting products made to their particular requirements. Details can be made available on request.



To become the most successful manufacturer in utensil industry by providing best customer experience.

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