Our products comes with high-quality finishing.

Frosted Sunray

Frosting is achieved by scalping the top oxidised layer of the metal wares to bring out the shiny inside of the vessels to impart a uniform luster. It is achieved through skillful polishing with emery papers. Then all the dirt is washed clean in mild acids, fresh water rinsing and subsequent sun drying.


It is the most basic but natural finish given to aluminium wares. The finish involves washing of aluminium in mild acids only to clean the greases and dirt during metalworking. Then they are rinsed with fresh water and sundried. This brings out the natural color of the metal.


Mathaar is traditional finish when it comes to aluminium wares. It gives aluminium wares a very rich and authentic appearance. It is achieved by hammering dots on the metal by hand with a specialised polished hammer. Each dot on the vessel represents one strike of the hammer. There are many varieties of mathaar finish.

Surti Mathaar

In Surti Mathaar, the edges of the vessel are given a design while in Gulti Mathaar there are no gaps between the dots. Gulti Mathaar is considered to be best type of the Mathaar Finish.


Anodising is the process of imparting luster to the metal and also providing a secure layer to prevent decolorisation. It involves hot dipping of wares into acids and then into sealing agents. Thereafter, the wares are rinsed rigrously in fresh water and sundried.


As the name suggests, Mirror Finishing imparts a mirror like look to the metal. It invloves grinding and polishing of wares at very high speeds to remove the slightest of scratch on the surface and giving it a shine identical to that of a mirror.. Flawless.